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Why BeeperMD?

BeeperMD can help your medical practice run more efficiently by automatically sending text messages, phone calls, and e-mails to your patients about upcoming appointments and about changes to your provider's calendars.

Appointment Reminders

We call, text or email patients to confirm or cancel their upcoming appointments, and when a patient confirms or cancels an appointment, your staff is notified immediately.


When a patient cancels an appointment, we automatically contact other patients to fill that canceled slot. Our sophisticated system lets you prioritize which patients we reach out to first based on what's important to your practice.

No-Show Prevention

When a patient fails to respond to multiple appointment confirmation requests, you have the option to treat that appointment as canceled, after which we reach out to other patients to fill the slot.

Delay Notifications

When a provider is running seriously late, we contact upcoming patients and tell them when to arrive, without creating gaps in your schedule.

Watch Us Work

Stop scrambling to confirm appointments and fill cancellations. You can now open a browser and watch BeeperMD do that for you automatically.

BeeperMD also notifies you of important changes, like when a patient fills a canceled appointment.

With BeeperMD, you can also see who we're contacting and what responses we've received.

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Rich Data Analytics

Our rich analytics help you work as a team and dial in what works best for your patients. Every patient contact and response is available to your team.

We send daily reports via email to key staff members, and important information can be shared across your team right from within the dashboard.

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Our Pricing

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Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue and maximize profits by reducing no-shows, cancellations, and staff time spent confirming appointments and filling cancellations.

Keep Patients Happy

Strengthen relationships with your patients and keep them happy with easy scheduling and reduced wait times.

Easy to Use

BeeperMD integrates with your EHR system, runs out of a browser window, and requires (at most) a few clicks a day. Our program is extremely intuitive for medical office personnel and staff training typically takes less than an hour.

Built For You

BeeperMD is designed to work optimally for your practice and your patients. You determine the timing, content, and frequency of notifications, and our detailed reporting helps dial in what works for your practice and your patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Beeper MD is a kind of software called a "patient notification system". It is designed to work for medical offices. BeeperMD automatically reaches out to your patients (through automated phone calls and text messages) to confirm appointments, book them for newly available time slots, and notify them about delays at your office.
  • There are lots of companies that remind patients about upcoming appointments. What makes BeeperMD unique is that it automatically updates your patients about changes to your schedule. When a patient cancels an appointment, BeeperMD notifies other patients with similar needs and allows one of them to confirm for that timeslot. When a provider gets behind schedule, BeeperMD automatically calculates the expected delay for upcoming patients and tells them when to show up -- without creating unwanted gaps in your schedule.
  • BeeperMD is the only patient appointment confirmation system with this technology. By automatically filling canceled appointments and telling patients when your providers are running late, we create more revenue and happier patients.
  • Basically, more revenue and happier patients.
  • Medical offices report losing 5-26% of their revenue from patient cancellations. BeeperMD is a simple, automatic way for your patients to fill canceled appointments.
  • We also cut patient wait times. Less waiting means happier patients. 83% of patients say that waiting time is a significant factor in their overall satisfaction with their physicians.
  • Calm patients focus better on getting good care. 37% of patients say they're less inclined to ask questions if they've waited a long time to see their care provider. BeeperMD's delay notification system reduces patient frustration.
  • Free up your staff from making dozens of scheduling calls each day.
  • Patients who wait less are easier for your staff to deal with. Go ask them!
  • BeeperMD is customized for each providers unique requirements and pricing is determined accordingly.
  • Yes, both set-up and day-to-day use are simple.
  • BeeperMD works out of a web browser window. It doesn't require downloading any software.
  • It only takes about an hour for our techs to set up BeeperMD in your office and to show your staff how to use it. You can expect about another half-hour follow-up call with our staff to dial in your preferred settings over the first few weeks of use.
  • After that, your reception staff will just need to click a few buttons on our app (which opens in a standard browser window) to check patients in.
  • We also integrate with major EHR and practice management systems to automatically sync your patient roster and schedule. You don't need to use two calendars to use BeeperMD.
  • Our top-notch customer support is available via chat and toll-free phone.
  • BeeperMD works with all EHR/Practice Management platforms.
  • Currently, practitioners using AthenaHealth, Greenway Intergy, Practice Mate, and a few other software suites enjoy even greater integration, making BeeperMD even more of a snap for your staff.
  • We're constantly expanding our level of integration and optimizing BeeperMD for more and more EHR and practice management systems.
  • Yes. BeeperMD is fully HIPAA-compliant, with robust measures in place to safeguard your practice's protected health information. We execute and comply with industry-standard "Business Associate" Agreements with all of our client practices.

Reduce no-shows, increase revenue and keep your patients happy.

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BeeperMD is a cloud-based patient communication platform that automatically confirms appointments, notifies patients of delays, fills open appointment slots, reschedules patients and much more.

Upcoming Features

BeeperMD Patient App

We're developing a simple mobile app for patients to interact with their physicians about both scheduling and clinical information, such as available appointment times, follow-up care instructions and much more.

Text and Email Blasts

Soon, your practice will be able to easily notify patients about important practice updates, like new services or changes in hours.

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