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BeeperMD is the most useful
patient notification system in the world.

BeeperMD doesn't just remind patients about upcoming appointments.

We automatically solve major problems for medical offices.

Lots of companies can call and text your patients to confirm their upcoming appointments.

We do that, too.

But unlike any other service, we tackle two huge problems: patient cancellations and long wait times. When a patient cancels an appointment, we automatically contact other patients with similar needs and book a patient who wants to take the newly available slot. When your practitioners run late, we tell patients when to arrive -- without creating gaps in your schedules.

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Use your time
and your patients time

Increase revenue by filling cancelled appointments. Keep patients happy with reduced wait times. All automatically, without your staff having to scramble every time your calendars change.

With a free three-month trial and no contract.

We're stupid simple to use: there's no software to download -- our program runs out of a web browser and requires just a few clicks a day.

Plus we integrate with many major EHR and practice management products to make your life even easier.


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Still Have Questions?

What does BeeperMD do?

  • Beeper MD is a kind of software called a “patient notification system.” It is designed to work for medical offices. BeeperMD automatically reaches out to your patients (through automated phone calls and text messages) to confirm appointments, book them for newly available time slots, and notify them about delays at your office.
  • There are lots of companies that remind patients about upcoming appointments. What makes BeeperMD unique is that it automatically updates your patients about changes to your schedule. When a patient cancels an appointment, BeeperMD notifies other patients with similar needs and allows one of them to confirm for that timeslot. When a provider gets behind schedule, BeeperMD automatically calculates the expected delay for upcoming patients and tells them when to show up -- without creating unwanted gaps in your schedule.
  • BeeperMD is the only patient appointment confirmation system with this technology. By automatically filling cancelled appointments and telling patients when your providers are running late, we create more revenue and happier patients.

What are the benefits of using Beeper MD?

  • Basically, more revenue and happier patients.
  • Medical offices report losing 5-26% of their revenue from patient cancellations. BeeperMD is a simple, automatic way for your patients to fill cancelled appointments.
  • We also cut patient wait times. Less waiting means happier patients. 83% of patients say that waiting time is a significant factor in their overall satisfaction with their physicians.
  • Calm patients focus better on getting good care. 37% of patients say they’re less inclined to ask questions if they’ve waited a long time to see their care provider. BeeperMD’s delay notification system reduces patient frustration.
  • Free up your staff from making dozens of scheduling calls each day.
  • Patients who wait less are easier for your staff to deal with. Go ask them!

How much does Beeper MD cost?

BeeperMD is totally free for the first three months. After that it’s $54.99 per provider, per month. There’s no long-term contract. This is LESS than most other stand-alone patient appointment confirmation systems, NONE of which have our advanced features.

Is Beeper MD easy to use?

  • Yes, both set-up and day-to-day use are simple.
  • BeeperMD works out of a web browser window. It doesn’t require downloading any software.
  • It only takes about an hour for our techs to set up BeeperMD in your office and to show your staff how to use it. You can expect about another half-hour follow-up call with our staff to dial in your preferred settings over the first few weeks of use.
  • After that, your reception staff will just need to click a few buttons on our app (which opens in a standard browser window) to check patients in.
  • We also integrate with major EHR and practice management systems to automatically sync your patient roster and schedule. You don’t need to use two calendars to use BeeperMD.
  • Our top-notch customer support is available via chat and toll-free phone.

What EHR/Practice Management Systems does BeeperMD work on?

  • BeeperMD works with all EHR/Practice Management platforms.
  • Currently, practitioners using AthenaHealth, Greenway Intergy, Practice Mate, and a few other software suites enjoy even greater integration, making BeeperMD even more of a snap for your staff.
  • We’re constantly expanding our level of integration and optimizing BeeperMD for more and more EHR and practice management systems.

Is Beeper MD HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. BeeperMD is a fully HIPAA-compliant “Business Associate” company.