Protect Your Family With Free At-Home Covid-19 PCR Tests

Get tested regularly in the safety of your home. With same-day scheduling and results in less than 48 hours.

*For instant results, Antigen and Antibody tests are also available.

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At home testing for individuals now available in Florida. B2B testing and partnerships available nationwide.

Convenience & Safety

Convenience & Safety

Get tested by trained medical staff while in the comfort and safety of your home. After all, what other place could be safer than home sweet home?

Save Time, Test Weekly

Save Time, Test Weekly

Forget wasting time waiting in long lines. Get tested in only 15 minutes. This makes getting tested regularly easy and simple.

Flexible For Everyone


Covid-19 testing can be quite expensive. We want everyone to have access to testing. That's why we offer free covid tests. For more information, check the FAQ section.


How is it free?

If you schedule  2 or more tests, then we can  waive all fees.

The US government wants everyone to get tested and therefore they are covering the cost of testing for anyone that doesn't have health insurance.

For anyone that does have health insurance, BeeperMD will bill the insurance company directly.

Will there be any hidden fees?

Do we make money?

How does the entire process work?

How Does the Billing Work?

What Are Your Operating Hours?

What type of Covid-19 tests do you offer?

When should I expect to receive my test results?

How do you deliver test results?

Our Mission

The mission of BeeperMD is to make an awesome service that beats covid. Therefore, what we are doing is making at home-covid testing service and enabling people to conquer covid.

If you have a teenager who is socializing, just have them tested regularly. If you want to have a party, just get rapid covid tests for everyone in the party. If you want to open up your office, just have BeeperMD come on a weekly basis and pcr test your employees.

If you want to keep covid out of your school, after vacation, just have your whole school including parents and siblings come to the carpool line and get tested without leaving their car. This process could be done within 3 hours and the whole community will be really appreciative.

About Image

About Us

Our names are Steven Wolf and Jeremy Gelbart and we are entrepreneurs who much like you, felt powerless when the pandemic first hit. Since the beginning of it, we have constantly tried to find ways to help fight this worldwide catastrophe. But it's a tough challenge - remarkably tough.

However, we realized we had the ability to help enable kids to go back to school as safely as possible, by enabling at-home and at-school testing. The objective is to proactively address the problem rather than waiting for covid to be over.

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